Nursing eNews, Summer 2010

Welcome to OncoLink's Nursing eNews!

Welcome to the Summer Nursing enews! We hope this newsletter will to keep you up to date on what's new and useful on OncoLink for your practice in oncology.

Thanks to all who stopped by our booth at ONS and welcome to the folks who joined the enews while you were there. Hope you had a great congress! We hope to see you at IOL and/or AONN in the fall.

Continuing Education

More and more states are requiring CE credit for license renewal. Check out OncoLink's free continuing education modules. New modules will be coming over the next few months, thanks to the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2010 NP students!


Do You Know OncoPilot?

OncoPilot is a great tool, particularly for newly diagnosed patients. In addition to articles about finding an oncologist, second opinions and preparing for the first visit, there are printable logs to keep track of appointments, tests and treatments. It also includes info on recurrence, end of life and transitioning to survivorship. Just click on the logo in the left menu from any OncoLink page to check it out!

OncoLink Nurses Notes

Nurses Notes Patient Education Center

Are you familiar with OncoLink's patient education handouts? Handouts on chemotherapies and other commonly used medications as well as numerous side effects. Is there a medication or side effect we don't have that you'd like to see? Let us know!

OncoLink Facebook Like

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OncoLink Blogs

The Blog & Monthly Webchats

In addition to Rodney's insights as a survivor and patient advocate, Alysa is blogging about some of her favorite books. Our monthly webchats will resume in late August when we chat about young adult survivorship issues.


What's New with the LIVESTRONG Care Plan?

The seventh version of the LIVESTRONG Care Plan was launched in early May. There are a few visible enhancements in this version, including a healthcare provider version, which allows some tailoring for your patients, and new and improved surgical side effect information.

Version 8 is planned for late fall, with the most noticeable addition being the separate primary care provider summary that patients can take to their PCP. We hope this will help bridge the gap as patients transition from patient to survivor.

Would you like LIVESTRONG Care Plan flyers for your office/unit? Just contact us and we will be happy to send them.

Remember, we love to hear your feedback; it is often your opinions that inspire changes and improvements in the program.
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