Sarcoma: Self-Reported Functional Outcomes and Quality of Life Assessments in Long-Term Survivors of Ewing Sarcoma
Presenting Author: Dr. Bradley Stish Presenting Author Affiliation: Mayo Clinic Ewing sarcoma is a rare soft tissue malignancy that typically affects the bones and soft tissue and is most common ..
A Treatment Planning Study for Ewing's Sarcoma Comparing Proton and Photon Therapy Technologies
Session: Spine Sarcoma Session Type: Oral presentation, Abstract #1 Presenter: Imran Patel Presenter affiliation: The Christie, England   Background Ewing's sarcoma is a pediatric bone malignancy with an incidence of ..
Results of a Prospective Study Delivering Limited Margin Radiotherapy for Pediatric Patients with Ewing’s Sarcoma Family of Tumors
Presenter: M.J. KrasinPresenter's Affiliation: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, TNType of Session: ScientificBackground The Ewing’s sarcoma represents the 2nd most common bone tumor in children, following osteosarcoma. The Ewing’s sarcoma ..
Proton Radiotherapy for Pediatric Ewing's Sarcomas: Initial Clinical Outcomes of 29 Patients
Presenter: B. RombiPresenter's Affiliation: Trento, ItalyType of Session: ScientificBackground Ewing’s sarcoma represents the second most common bone tumor in children; the Ewing’s family of tumors includes osseous Ewing’s sarcoma, extraosseous ..
Phase II Trial of Concurrent Chemotherapy and Proton Therapy for Stage 3 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)
Session: Lung & Lymphoma Type: Oral presentation, Abstract #2 Presenter: Bradford Hoppe, MD MPH Presenter affiliation: University of Florida   Background Stage III Lung Cancer When a patient is diagnosed ..
Proton Beam Radiation Therapy Treatment of Pediatric Patients: A 2011 Survey of the U.S. Proton Centers
Presenting Author: A. Chang, MD Presenting Author Affiliation: Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute, Hampton Background Proton beam radiation has unique physical characteristics that allow optimal dose distribution to tumors while ..

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