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Hodgkin Lymphoma: A Review of Treatment, Symptom Management and Survivorship for Patients
Danielle Land, CRNP provides a review of the treatment of Hodgkin lymphoma, and symptom management and survivorship concerns for patients.
Hodgkin Lymphoma: A Review of Treatment, Symptom Management and Survivorship for Nurses
Hodgkin Lymphoma requires complex symptom management and an understanding of survivorship issues relevant to these patients.
Treatment Advances in Hodgkin Lymphoma: An Update for Patients
There are a variety of treatments currently available for Hodgkin Lymphoma patients. Learn about the exciting progress in Hodgkin Lymphoma treatment from this insightful video presentation.
Clinical Advances in Hodgkin Lymphoma: An Update on Treatments for Healthcare Providers
Healthcare providers can learn about current treatments and emerging therapies for Hodgkin's Lymphoma management in this insightful video featuring Jakub Svoboda, MD.
OncoLink Feature: "Late" cardiac side effects of Hodgkin's Disease treatment
Health Concerns After Splenectomy
Asplenia is the lack of a normally functioning spleen and this has important health implications for cancer survivors with this condition.

HIV Status Doesn't Influence Hodgkin's Lymphoma Outcome

Oct 12, 2012 - Despite more extensive disease and more adverse prognostic factors, HIV-positive patients with Hodgkin's lymphoma do not have worse outcomes when treated with doxorubicin, bleomycin, vinblastine, and dacarbazine, according to research published online Oct. 8 in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

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