Opciones Del Tratamiento

Symptoms of Cancer in Pets and Common Terminology
Reviews the common symptoms of cancer in pets and includes a glossary of terminology used in cancer care.
Evaluating Lumps, Bumps, and Swellings in Veterinary Medicine
This article discusses fine needle aspiration and biopsy to evaluate a mass in a companion animal.
Cirugía y tratamiento del cáncer
General discussion of surgery used to treat cancer in companion animals.
Preservación del Miembro en Perros
"Limb sparing" (also known as "limb salvage") is a surgical procedure that provides an alternative to amputation in selected dogs being treated for bone tumors.
Quimioterapia en la Medicina Veterinaría
Knowing how anti-cancer chemotherapy drugs work and what to expect from the treatments can help pet owners decide on whether such therapy is appropriate for their pets.
Radiation Therapy Information
An introduction to radiation therapy used to treat companion animals.
Palliative Radiation Therapy
An introduction to palliative radiation therapy, which can be used to control the symptoms associated with localized tumors that cannot be treated by other methods .