An Introduction to IMRT

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Juan Bayouth, PhD
Juan Carlos Celi, PhD
Peter Hoban, PhD
Amparo Marles, PhD
R. Alfredo C. Siochi, PhD
Gato Yang, PhD

Repasado por:
Julia Ahlswede, MSc
Komanduri Ayyangar, PhD
Cheng B. Sierra, PhD

Fundamentos de IMRT
R. Alfredo C. Siochi, PhD, Juan Carlos Celi, PhD

Workflow para IMRT
R. Alfredo C. Siochi, PhD, Juan Carlos Celi, PhD

Consideraciones del planeamiento
R. Alfredo C. Siochi, PhD

Proceso inverso del planeamiento: un ejemplo con el sistema de KonRad
Peter Hoban, PhD, Juan Carlos Celi, PhD

IMRT planea garantía de calidad
R. Alfredo C. Siochi, PhD, Juan Bayouth, PhD, Gato Yang, PhD, Juan Carlos Celi, PhD

Disposición y localización de pacientes
Alfredo C. Siochi, PhD, Amparo Marles, PhD

Calibración de LINAC y QA para IMRT cinemático
Gato Yang, PhD, Juan Carlos Celi, PhD, Juan Bayouth, PhD, Alfredo Siochi, PhD

Apéndice A - Comparación de los métodos de IMRT
Apéndice B - Requisitos de la facilidad

Fewer Complications With IMRT for Prostate Cancer

Apr 18, 2012 - For patients with nonmetastatic prostate cancer, treatment with intensity-modulated radiation therapy is associated with fewer complications than proton therapy or conformal radiation therapy, according to a study published in the April 18 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, a theme issue on comparative effectiveness research.

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