A Balanced Diet

Gloria Hagopian, RN, EdD
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It is important to eat nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamens, and minerals to carry on normal body functions. During radiation therapy, extra nutrients are required for healing. Protein is needed for growth and tissue repair. Calories are neede for energy.

The following guides are suggested for a balanced diet during therapy.

  1. Drink 2 cups of milk a day. Substitutes may include cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt and ice cream.

  2. Eat 2 or more ounce servings of meat or meat substitutes a day. Meat substitutes include eggs, fish, poultry, beans, peas, peanut butter, and nuts.

  3. Eat or drink 2 or more half-cup servings of fruit or fruit juice daily.

  4. Eat 2 or more half-cup servings of vegetables daily.

  5. Eat 4 or more servings of bread or cereal.

Low-Fat Fish Oil Diet Beneficial in Prostate Cancer

Nov 25, 2013 - In men with prostate cancer, a low-fat fish oil diet is associated with lower serum levels of pro-inflammatory molecules, changes in serum levels of omega fatty acids, and a lower measure of cancer growth, compared with a Western diet, according to a study published online Oct. 29 in Cancer Prevention Research.

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