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Categorizaton of Tumors

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pediatric tumors

Tumors are often placed under one of two categories; malignant or benign. Malignant tumors are cancerous and benign tumors are non-cancerous.

breast tumor
ELSI breast tumor (http://www.lbl.gov/Education/ELSI/cancer-tumor.html)

Benign Tumors

  • no anaplasia

  • noninvasive

  • encapsulated

  • slow growing no metastases

  • highly differentiated

  • mitoses rare

brain tumor
ELSI brain tumor (http://www.lbl.gov/Education/ELSI/cancer-tumors.html)

Malignant Tumors

  • anaplastic

  • metastasizing

  • nonencapsulated

  • invasive

  • tendency toward de-differentiation

  • mitoses relatively common

  • usually rapid growth

An animation of carcinogenesis.

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