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Keeping the Logs

Keeping a record of treatments, tests and appointments can be a great help when seeing multiple physicians, at follow up visits or in the event of a trip to the emergency room. The forms in this section are designed to be printed and carried with you to appointments. You may want to start a 3 ring binder or folder to keep them easily accessible and organized. Have a family member draw a fun picture or use a photo you like to dress up the cover! As tests or therapies are completed, ask your nurse or doctor to record them on the chart. If you require additional pages, you can print just the page you need.

Adobe Acrobat PDF Download the following PDF Logs

Appointment List

Blood Counts Record

Calendar Pages

Cancer Therapy Treatment Summary

Chemotherapy Biotherapy Record

Family History of Cancer

Hospitalization Surgery Record

Insurance Information

Laboratory Tests Record

Medication List

Provider List

Radiation Therapy Record

Radiology Diagnostic Tests Record

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