Cáncer Pulmonar de Célula Pequeña

Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation for Patients with Small-Cell Lung Cancer in Complete Remission
Randomized Study of Code Versus Alternating CAV/EP for Extensive-Stage Small-Cell Lung Cancer
Randomized Study of CODE Versus Alternating CAV/EP for Extensive-Stage Small-Cell Lung Cancer: An Intergroup Study of the National Cancer Institute of Canada clinical Trials Group and the Southwest Oncology Group
Randomized Study of Initial versus Late Chest Irradiation Combined with Chemotherapy in Limited Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer
Randomized Trial of Alternating Versus Sequential Radiotherapy/Chemotherapy in Limited-Disease Patients With Small-Cell Lung Cancer
Role of Radiaton Therapy in the Combined-Modality Treatment of Patients with Extensive Disease Small-Cell Lung Cancer: A Randomized Study

Appears to increase risk after liver transplant in younger patients, those with C2 monitoring

Jul 1, 2010 - Immunosuppressive treatment with cyclosporine A, rather than tacrolimus, with dose level monitoring two hours post-dosing or in patients age 50 or younger appears to have a significant association with the development of de novo cancer after liver transplantation, according to research published in the July issue of Liver Transplantation.

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