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A Double-Blind comparison of Empirical Oral and Intravenous Antibiotic Therapy for Low-risk Febrile Patients with Neutropenia during Cancer Chemotherapy
Comparative Pharmacology and Clinical Activity of Cisplatin and Carboplatin
Discrepances Between Meta-Analyses and Subsequent Large Randomized, Controlled Trials
Facile Detection of Mitochondrial DNA Mutations in Tumors and bodily Fluids
Journal Scan article by Ken Blank and John Chang
Severe Necrosis Due to Paclitaxel Extravasation: Case Report
The Attitudes of Patients With Advanced AIDS Toward Use of the Medical Futility Rationale in Decisions to Forgo Mechanical Ventilation
The Contamination Of Poliovirus Vaccines With Simian Virus 40 (1953 - 1963) And Subsequent Cancer Rates

CT Scans Can ID Gemcitabine Response in Pancreatic Cancer

Mar 20, 2014 - Transport properties identified on routine computed tomography scans correlate with clinically relevant end points for patients with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma who receive preoperative gemcitabine chemoradiotherapy, according to a study published online March 10 in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

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