Cancer Facts: A Concise Oncology Text

James Metz, MD
Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania
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Cancer Facts Author: James F. Bishop, MD
Publisher: Harwood Academic Publishers
ISBN: 90-5702-470-5
OncoLink Rating: 2 stars

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Cancer Facts: A Concise Oncology Text is an excellent resource not only for oncologists, but also for general practice physicians, residents, and nurses. The text has been designed so the most important information on each cancer is presented in a way that can be quickly assimilated by the reader. Each section has been written in a similar format for easy reference. This text is not designed to discuss every nitty-gritty detail and the reader will require supplements for more in depth reading. The authors assume a baseline medical knowledge and the text is not designed for the patient seeking information.

James F. Bishop is Professor of Cancer Medicine at the University of Sydney in Australia. He also serves as Director of the Sydney Cancer Centre at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and Concord Hospital in Sydney. Dr. Bishop has created an excellent text that serves as an overview of the most important points in management of the oncologic patient. The author states "the objective of this text is to concisely document the most essential, highest priority information in cancer." Although almost all of the contributors are from cancer centers in Australia and cancer statistics from this region are noted, this is a state of the art text that will benefit anyone worldwide.

This book presents updated consensus views through short, complete analyses of all of the major cancer sites. It provides a solid framework on which the reader can build additional knowledge. References are included for the reader to locate more detailed information on each topic. There are also sections addressing the principles of cancer treatment, symptom control and quality of life, psycho-social issues in cancer and complications in cancer patients.

For those health care providers interested in a reliable text that contains the most important information on the major oncologic topics, Cancer Facts: A Concise Oncology Text is for you. Rarely does a book come along that provides so much information that can be absorbed quickly by the reader. This text is highly recommended by OncoLink for health care providers.


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