Managing Your Health Care- Making the Most of Your Medical Resources

Leonard A. Farber, MD
Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania
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Authors: Martin Gipson, PhD, Terry Liskevych, PhD, Edwin Swillinger, MD
Publisher: Pathfinder Publishing of California
ISBN: 0-934793-59-X
Price: $9.95 USA

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This book is the common sense handbook on medical care. It explores many facets of medical treatment, including rudimentary explanations and definitions about health care personnel and specialists, and what potential role each may play in the care of a patient. Yet, perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of the book is the first chapter, "Plan For Your Active Involvement."

In this chapter, the authors emphasize the importance of self-involvement in medical care, and provide helpful tips to do just that. For example, they describe in great detail, ways to start a "Medical Notebook" in order to organize treatment plans and tests. With this tool, the patient can also be actively involved in his or her care, and perhaps avoid the often accompanying feeling of powerlessness. In this light, the authors provide a strong psychological means for patients to participate in their own health care.

"Managing Your Health Care" is the result of the personal experiences of the authors from years of providing medical care. The first author, Dr. Martin Gipson is Professor of Psychology at the University of the Pacific, and has himself been treated for kidney cancer since 1989. The second author, Dr. Terry Liskevych is Head Coach of the USA Women's National (Olympic) Volleyball Team, and has been involved with and has acted as an advocate for the health care of the members of his team since 1985. The third author, Dr. Edwin Swillinger, is an internal medicine specialist in private practice, and has been a general internist since 1959.

The culmination of the experiences of the authors on both personal and professional levels has resulted in a valuable primer for patients to get the best possible health care. It provides practical suggestions and advise in avoiding unnecessary treatment, as well as alleviating fears of illnesses. Inasmuch, it is a guide for patients, family members, friends, and all health care providers alike.


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