Eating Right for Cancer Survival (DVD & Handbook)

Reviewed By: Carolyn Vachani, MSN, RN, AOCN
The Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania
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Eating Right for Cancer Survival DVD Handbook
Author: The Cancer Project
Publisher: The Cancer Project
Information: I 1 hour 43 minutes | $14.95 each
Order from The Cancer Project
OncoLink Rating: OncoLink 2 Stars

The Cancer Project is a nonprofit organization with a mission of educating the public about the benefits of a healthy diet for cancer prevention and survival. The Project publishes quite a few educational booklets, fact sheets, a quarterly newsletter and this video, and even conducts local healthy cooking classes. The video is meant to accompany the “Survivor’s Handbook: Eating Right for Cancer Survival”, a 145 page resource book that includes recipes, though this is sold separately.

The video (and booklet) present an introductory nutrition course, broken down into sections on various topics, such as low-fat foods, fiber, meat and dairy alternatives, and antioxidants. The Cancer Project promotes a vegan diet, which is one without meat, dairy, eggs or fish. While this diet is tremendously healthy, it may not be for everyone. Although I personally do not abide by such a diet, I can certainly take what the video has taught me and incorporate this into my diet on a lesser scale. Some folks may be intrigued by the idea of incorporating a vegan or vegetarian diet into their lifestyle, but not know where to begin or be unfamiliar with the foods in this diet. The video and handbook will guide the viewer through making this change as well as dispel common myths about a vegan diet.

These publications would make a nice addition to a cancer center resource library, allowing patients the benefit of the information without having to incur the cost. The video can be purchased in DVD or VHS format or downloaded from the Cancer Project website. This video is geared towards cancer prevention and improving survival after cancer, so it is good for anyone looking to reduce risk, not just cancer survivors.


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