The Breast Cancer Handbook

Gale Snyder-Port RN, MSN, OCN, CNA
University of Pennsylvania Hospital
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The Breast Cancer Handbook Author: Joan Swirsky and Barbara Balaban
Publisher: Power Publications
ISBN: 1-888315-05-9
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Joan Swirsky is a health and science writer for the New York Times. She has written over 200 articles on breast cancer, in addition to eight other issues related to the consumer and health. She is a clinical nurse specialist and practicing psychotherapist specializing in women's issues.

Barbara Balaban is a social worker specializing in family issues and behavior therapy. She serves as a member of the Center for Disease Control's panel on breast cancer. She also serves as a consultant to several breast cancer research groups.

This is a "soup to nuts" handbook written in clear, concise language for all women experiencing the terror of finding a lump in the breast.

The book offers the reader a step-by-step guide to the medical maze when one enters the breast lump nightmare. Chapters are inclusive from beginning to understanding all diagnostic, surgical, and adjuvant therapy. I was especially impressed with the chapters dealing with fears, concerns about family, job responsibilities, and financial issues. The "Helpful Hints" are also very realistic and easy.

When most women need guidance and direction, this book offers not only timely but comprehensive information, to help them make decisions that will affect their lives. This book would also be helpful to novice practitioners as it is written in lay terms.


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