Prostate Cancer: A Non-Surgical Perspective

James Metz, MD
Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania
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Author: Kent Wallner, MD
Publisher: SmartMedicine Press
Price: $15.95 (US) $17.95 (CAN)
ISBN: 0-9648991-0-8
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Kent Wallner, MD is a radiation oncologist who is a nationally recognized expert in the treatment of prostate cancer. He has written this book tohelp readers understand the various treatment options for prostate cancer. He recognizes the controversies regarding treatment options and empowersthe reader to make informed decisions on the treatment of prostate cancer.

The book includes a basic overview of prostate cancer that is an excellent introduction for any patient. There are numerous illustrations andfigures to clarify particular points. Dr. Wallner avoids confusing medical jargon and explains any terms that may not be clear to readersinexperienced in a discussion of prostate cancer. He clearly explains the work-up of prostate cancer and the reasons behind each test.

Dr. Wallner then deals specifically with the three major treatments for prostate cancer; surgery, external beam radiation therapy, and radiationseed implants. For each treatment he describes the procedure, side effects, chances for cure, and salvage treatment for failures. He specificallyexplains the effectiveness of each treatment based on the pre-treatment PSA, Gleason Score, and stage of disease. After explaining eachtreatment individually, there is a chapter that compares the various treatments. There are also informative chapters discussing cryotherapy,hormonal therapy, and treatments for impotence.

Prostate Cancer: A Non-Surgical Perspective is an excellent book for anyone interested in prostate cancer and the various treatment options. Itempowers the reader to make informed decisions on the management of their disease. It is easy to read and well written. The book is highlyrecommended by OncoLink.

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