Yes We Can! Advice on Traveling With an Ostomy and Tips for Everyday Living

Li Liu, MD
Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania
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front cover Authors: Kathy Foley-Bolch, Michelle Fallon Kasouf, Barbara Kupfer, and W. Brian Sweeney, MD
Publisher: Chandler House Press
Format: Paper, 240 pages
ISBN: 1886284598

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The authors, Barbara Kupfer, Kathy Foley-Bolch, and Michelle Fallon Kasouf, all have had ostomy surgery. Doctor W. Brain Sweeney was formerly Chief of Colo-Rectal Surgery at the University of Massachusetts Hospital in Worcester, Massachusetts. He now practices in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and teaches at the University of Minnesota. They wrote this pocket-sized reference guide for the person who has an ostomy and wishes to travel.

The guide covers an enormous range of useful information and details every issue that may arise when traveling with an ostomy, such as what to bring, dietary considerations, ways of travel, toileting, emergency situations, and tips for physically challenged people. At the end of the book, six comprehensive appendices list worldwide resources, international organizations, suppliers, and even key words and phases translated into eleven languages.

This book is a very clear and useful guide for any ostomy patient. It equips the ostomy patient with an excellent map to help them on their joyful trip. All proceeds go to ostomy charities.


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