How To Improve Your Odds Against Cancer

James Metz, MD
Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania
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Author: John F. Potter, MD
Publisher: Lifetime Books, Inc.
Price: $14.95 (US) $19.95 (CAN)
ISBN: 0-8119-0851-8
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How To Improve Your Odds Against Cancer was written to teach the reader cancer prevention strategies and techniques of early detection. The best way to lower the death rate from cancer is to decrease the incidence. John F. Potter, MD is Professor of Surgery at Georgetown University and founder of the Vince T. Lombardi Cancer Research Center. Dr. Potter has used his extensive experience to write a clear and concise health guide for the lay person. The author states "this book was written to allow you to tip the scales in your favor?to improve your odds against cancer."

The book contains practical advice on the prevention, screening, presenting symptoms of cancer and the benefits of early diagnosis. The book begins by presenting sobering statistics on the risk of developing cancer. It then teaches the reader how to lessen the odds of developing cancer by changing their patterns of living. It also discusses the genetic predisposition to certain cancers. The book specifically addresses the risk of developing cancer with tobacco use, excessive alcohol ingestion, dietary factors, excessive exposure to sunlight, chemicals, drugs, sexually transmitted diseases, and X-ray?s.

After discussing cancer prevention strategies, the book the addresses the topic of early detection. There is an excellent section that includes self-examination techniques for the breasts, testes, mouth, thyroid, and lymph nodes. There is also a description of early symptoms of some cancers that should be further evaluated by your physician.

The book includes a list of comprehensive cancer centers and approved cancer programs in the United States. There is also a list of cancer information services and American Cancer Society Divisions. A glossary of medical terms is included at the conclusion of the book.

How To Improve Your Odds Against Cancer is an informative, well-written book on the prevention and early detection of cancer. Everyone can benefit from reading this book, including cancer survivor?s who are at increased risk of developing a second malignancy. This book is highly recommended by OncoLink.


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