A Feather in My Wig: Ovarian Cancer Cured: Twelve Years and Going Strong!

Li Liu, MD
University of Pennsylvania Health System
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Author: Barbara R. Van Billiard
Publisher: Peter Randall Publisher
ISBN: 0-914339-69-9

OncoLink Rating:3 Stars

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A Feather in My Wig -- Ovarian Cancer: Cured, Twelve Years and Going Strong is a story of a fighter and successor. In this 149-page paperback, Barbara R. Van Billiard recounts her personal experiences, thoughts and feelings during her 12-year battle and eventual victory over ovarian cancer, one of the cancers of the female reproductive system with grim survival statistics. Ms. Van Billiard illustrates her stages in the face of a terminal illness from denying to facing and coping and eventually conquering. She demonstrates the importance of a strong and caring support system, the significance of a positive mental approach, and her firm belief in receiving the very best medical care available. She wrote "I am convinced that the chances of surviving cancer are greatly increased by having a passionate desire to live -- a raging, fighting spirit, and HOPE!

A Feather in My Wig -- Ovarian Cancer: Cured, Twelve Years and Going Strong is an uplifting story of one woman's battle and victory over terminal cancer. The entire book is very well organized and easily readable. OncoLink highly recommends this book.