Examining Myself : One Woman's Story of Breast Cancer Treatment and Recovery

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Examining Myself cover Author:Musa Mayer

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"Examining Myself: One Woman's Story of Breast Cancer Treatment and Recovery" by Musa Mayer (Faber & Faber, 1994 Paper $10.95 ISBN 0-571-19845-7)


"The very best book anybody has ever written about what it is like to have breast cancer." -- Linda Ellerbee

"A deeply personal account, but written with such skill and power that it grabs you from the first few pages and holds you in its grasp....Many of us have read a number of accounts of women and their experiences with breast cancer; this one is truly different and very much worth reading." -- Breast Cancer Action Newsletter

"Besides offering unobtrusive practical information, the story and the language -- the entire style of the narrative -- has enormous grace and power as well as compelling insight." -- Director, Media Relations, American Cancer Society

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