Cáncer de Seno

"Nuclear Grade" and "Stage"
Ejercicio abdominal después de la mastectomía
Activity Limitations After Breast Reconstructive Surgery
Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of the Breast
Are all women candidates for immediate breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery or treatment?
Are there different types of free flap breast reconstructions?
Aromatase Inhibitor Joint Pain
Aromatase inhibitors after Tamoxifen
Aromatase Inhibitors or Tamoxifen
Assistance With Medication Co-Pays
Respuesta media a Femara
Disección axilar
Axillary Lymph Node Dissection
Balancing Life and Cancer
BI-RADS and Mammography Categories
Bilateral calcifications in the breasts
Blood draw after mastectomy
Blood pressures, IV's and fingersticks after mastectomy
Breast Biopsy Options
Breast Cancer Detection after Silicone Implants
Breast Cancer Genetic Testing
Breast Cancer Recurrence in the Skin
Breast Cancer Recurrences
Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines
Breast feeding while receiving radiation to the pelvis
Breast Implants and cancer
Breast Irradiation and Respiratory Infections
Breast Needle Biopsy
Breast Papilloma
Breast reconstruction after lumpectomy and radiation treatment
Breast reconstruction after lymphedema
Reconstrucción del seno (mama) después de radioterapia
Breast reconstruction after radiation therapy
Breast Tenderness
Calcification Findings on a Mammogram
Calcification Seen on Chest X-Ray
Can I Change Radiation Facilities for a Week?
Can trauma to the chest cause breast cancer?
Chemo for Breast Cancer: Every 2 weeks or 3?
Chemotherapy Before or After Surgery
Chemotherapy Before Surgery for Breast Cancer
Complications from a TRAM flap breast reconstruction
Conservative breast surgery with radiation vs. mastectomy for Paget's Disease
Considering breast implants with a family history of breast cancer
Considering genetic testing for colon and breast cancers
Coping With Chronic Illness
DCIS diagnosis and treatment
DCIS Hormone Therapy
Carcinoma in situ ductal (DCIS): ¿Irradiar o no irradiar?
Detecting Recurrence in Blood Work
Detección de la repetición local después de mastectomía y reconstrucción del seno (mama) usando colgajo.
Diet after treatment for ductal carcinoma of the breast
Differences between core biopsy of the breast and a stereotactic needle placement
Different approaches to radiation treatment of the breast
Do I need to have any special supplies at home for my recovery after breast reconstructive surgery?
Do I need to have breast reconstruction after my surgery for breast cancer?
Do my breast implants last forever?
Does hormone replacement therapy increase the risk of breast cancer
Drinking Alcohol on Treatment
Drive Through Mastectomy
Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS) of the Breast
Ductal carcinoma in-situ grade 3 vs. grade 1 treatment
Ductal Carcinoma In-situ of the Breast
E-String Use After Breast Cancer
Effects of Idoxifene
Efficacy of Tamoxifen for Metastatic Breast Cancer
ER Positivity Percentages
Estrogen receptor negative breast cancers
Evista como terapia adjutor
Exercise after a tram flap
Exercise After Breast Cancer
Family History of Breast Cancer
Fertility after breast cancer treatment
Fibrocystic Breast Disease and Mammogram
Fibrocystic Condition of the Breast
Follow Up After Bilateral Mastectomy
Follow up mammography
Frequency of Mammograms After Breast Cancer
Genetic Nature of Anaplastic Breast Cancer
Gummy Bear Implants
Hair loss in rare patients on tamoxifen
Herceptin after CAF Treatment
Herceptin for Pre-Menopausal Women
Herceptin Weekly or Every Three Weeks
Herceptin: How Do I Know it's Working for Me?
Hormone Receptors Explained
Hospitalization Period After Breast Reconstruction Surgery
Hot Flashes on Tamoxifen
How Family History Effects the Probability of BRCA1 or BRCA2
How Long is Radiation Treatment?
How long will I need to be out of work after breast reconstructive surgery?
HRT for Breast Cancer Survivors
I am interested in breast implant reconstruction after my breast cancer surgery. What is involved?
I do not want any muscle taken from my abdominal wall during my breast flap reconstruction surgery. Can my doctor guarantee this prior to surgery?
I keep hearing about TRAM flap breast reconstruction. What is this all about?
I may need chemotherapy for my breast cancer. Can I still have breast implants?
I may need radiation to my breast area. Can I still have implants?
Inflammatory breast cancer
Interpreting Mammography Reports
Interpreting radiologic findings
Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Versus Ductal Carcinoma In-Situ
Is implant removal necessary for breast cancer surgery?
Is Massage Safe for Breast Cancer Patients?
Is the risk of breast cancer increased due to ovarian cancer?
Itching a Sign of Breast Cancer?
Joint pain and Taxol reaction
Large Breasts and Breast Cancer
Laterality of Breast Cancer Incidence
Likelihood of Benign Disease
Lobular Carcinoma in situ of the Breast
Long-term effects of Taxol
Long-Term Herceptin Usage
Lump Not Detected on Mammogram
Lumpectomy Versus Mastectomy
Lumpectomy vs. Mastectomy
Lymphedema and air travel
Male breast cancer
Mammogram After Breast Cancer Treatment?
Mammogram after Mastectomy?
Mammogram Guidelines for Women with Prior Radiation
Mammographic Needle Localization Biopsies
Mammography screening guidelines
Metastatic Breast Cancer to the Liver
Mortality rates from breast cancer
Neutropenic Fever
Nipple Reconstruction
Nodal Status in the Treatment of Ductal Carcinoma in situ
Non-Estrogen Options for Vaginal Dryness
Non-Hormonal Treatments for Hot Flashes
Nottingham Score and Recurrence
Nottingham Score for Breast Cancer
Obesity and Breast Cancer
Oophorectomy to Lower Breast Cancer Risk
Open Biopsy After a Negative Fine Needle Aspiration
Optimal screening for a 23 year old with a family breast cancer history
Optimal treatment of breast cancer in an elderly patient
Paget's Disease of the Breast
Paget's Disease of the Breast and Bone
Irradiación Parcial del Seno
Partial Breast Irradiation in Second Cancers
Partial Breast Irradiation Versus Traditional Radiation
Peripheral Neuropathy while on Taxol
Phantom Breast Syndrome
Physical limitations after breast reconstruction
Pleural Effusion after Diagnosis of Breast Cancer and Pseudomyxoma Peritonei
Positive Sentinel Node Biopsy
Possible Herceptin Reaction
Precautions After Sentinel Node Biopsy
Pregnancy & High Risk for Breast Cancer
Pregnancy and breast cancer
Pregnancy and Breast Cancer
Pregnancy and Breast Cancer
Previous Breast Cancer and Secondhand Smoke
Previously Irradiated Skin
Prophylactic compression garments following lymph node dissection during air travel
Prophylactic Mastectomy
Radiation after breast implant
Radiación después de mastectomía con reconstrucción
Radiation and Tamoxifen for DCIS
Radiation for recurrent breast cancer after prior radiation
Radiation Recall
Radiation Tattoo Removal
Radiation Therapy for Micrometastasis in Lymph Nodes
Radiation Therapy for Micrometastasis in Lymph Nodes
Radiation timing
Radiation Timing after Chemotherapy
Radiation to the chest after previous radiation for breast cancer
Rash on the breast after cancer treatment
Reconstrucción Años Después de la Terapia
Recurrent Breast Cancer
Recurrent breast cancer on the chest wall
Reoccurrence in BRCA1 Patients after Lumpectomy
Risk of Breast Cancer With Family History
Risk of Heart & Lung Damage with Breast Radiation
Risk of pregnancy after a diagnosis of breast cancer
Risk with Negative Genetic Testing
Safety of evening primrose oil for breast cancer patients
Safety of Pregnancy After Breast Cancer
Saline Implants and Breast Biopsy
Screening for Metastases in Breast Cancer
Screening Mammography and Radiation Exposure
Screening Under Age 40
Secondary Leukemia after breast cancer treatment
Secondary radiation exposure
Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy
Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy for DCIS
Sentinel Node Biopsy False Negative Rate
Sentinel Node Biopsy: Who is a Candidate?
Sentinel Node Labeling
Sentinel Node procedure for DCIS
Signs of breast cancer recurrence
Mastectomía con Reserva de la Piel
Skipping the last chemotherapy cycle
Smoking After Diagnosis of Breast Cancer
Soy Foods After Breast Cancer
Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Breast
Starting Aromatize Inhibitors Years after Diagnosis
Stiffness in Area of Radiation Treatment
Stop Hormone Therapy After 5 Years?
Sun exposure after radiation treatment to the breast
Surgical Clips
Surgical Drains After Breast Reconstructive Surgery
Swelling Under my Right Arm Pit
Swimming and Exercise While on Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer?
Talking to Your Employer About Cancer Diagnosis
Tamoxifen & Radiation at The Same Time?
Tamoxifen after Mastectomy
Tamoxifen after total hysterectomy and ovary removal
Tamoxifen and Radiation Therapy for Early Breast Cancer
Tamoxifen and vaginal estrogen use
Tamoxifen and weight gain
Tamoxifen for DCIS
Tamoxifen for Male Breast Cancer
Tamoxifen for weakly positive Estrogen and Progesterone breast cancers
Tamoxifen Therapy for Estrogen Receptor Negative Breast Cancer
Tamoxifen Withdrawal
Tamoxifen-induced Cancer?
Taxol Reaction
Ten Year Survival With Aromatase Inhibitor Use
Testing for BRCA1
The use of tamoxifen in patients with DCIS
Sincronización de la reconstrucción del seno (mama)
Timing of first mammography after radiation treatment
Timing of Radiation and Chemotherapy with Breast Cancer
Tips to Prevent Complications of Lymph Node Dissection
TOP2A FISH Testing
TRAM Flap and Future Pregnancy
Treating Blisters From Radiation
Treatment after lumpectomy in small estrogen negative tumors
Treatment for DCIS
Treatment for skin reactions during breast radiation treatment
Treatment for Triple Negative Disease
Treatment options for an ER+ premenopausal breast cancer patient
Treatment options for invasive ductal carcinoma
Treatment options for metastatic breast cancer
Trouble Swallowing Pills
Tumor Marker for Breast Cancer
The Ca 27-29 blood test has a "normal" level below 30. Is it possible for the level to reach zero in a person who had invasive cancer with no lymph node involvement?
Underarm Care after Recovery from Lymph Node Removal
Using Lotions During Radiation
Weaning Tamoxifen?
Weight gain after breast cancer treatment
Weight Gain After Chemotherapy
What are the major types of breast reconstruction available to patients who have had breast cancer surgery?
What is Standard Course of Herceptin
What is the difference between immediate and delayed breast reconstruction?
When can I drive after breast reconstructive surgery?
When Must I Decide on Reconstruction?
When to Get a Wig?
Why do people choose flap reconstruction after breast cancer surgery?
Why do you need to do tissue expansion for breast implants?

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