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Partial Versus Total Thyroidectomy

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What is the difference between a total thyroidectomy and a partial thyroidectomy? What are the side effects of each? Where will the incision be made, how large will my scar be? Do I need a plastic surgeon? How long will I be in the hospital after surgery and when can I go back to work?


Rachel Kelz, MD, MSCE, at Penn Medicine responds:

Partial thyroidectomy involves the removal of a part of the thyroid (usually a half.) It is most commonly performed as an outpatient. People generally return to work 3-5 days after surgery but some take as many as 2 weeks off. Bleeding, infection and hoarseness and hypothyroidism can occur following thyroid lobectomy. The 1st three are uncommon but hypothyroidism requiring thyroid hormone replacement can occur in 20-25% of patients. The incision is made in line with a skin crease in the lower neck. The incision is between 1-3 inches in general. A plastic surgeon should not be required if your surgeon is conscientious.

A total thyroidectomy involves the removal of 95-100% of the thyroid. The risks include bleeding, infection, hoarseness, low blood calcium levels and tracheostomy. You will require thyroid hormone replacement for life. The other risks are VERY uncommon (<1-2%.) Many people take 10 days -2 weeks off from work. The majority of patients are admitted overnight following the procedure.

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