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Stage 1 Mast Cell Sarcoma in Puppies

Lili Duda, VMD
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Dear OncoLink "Ask the Experts,"
My 8-month-old New Foundland has just been diagnosed with Stage 1 Mast Cell Sarcoma on her right elbow. Her genetic history is free of cancer. My vet recommended that we remove the Mast Cell to get clear margins and that that should be curative. How unusual is it for puppies to have this type of cancer? Do you know of any Oncology Specialists in South East Florida?  
Thank you so much for your help!

Lili Duda, VMD, Editor of the OncoLink Veterinary Oncology Section, responds:

Grade I tumors are the most benign, and complete excision is considered curative. Younger dogs certainly can get his tumor, and close monitoring is warranted (particularly for other skin masses). Otherwise, a grade I tumor is considered relatively benign regardless of the age of the patient.

The Veterinary Cancer Society home page has a resource for locating oncology specialists by location. She can get there via:


Look for "Find a specialist in your area"

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