Results from Lung Cancer Screening Trial

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Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts,"

Results from Lung Cancer Screening Trial

I saw a news story last week about the lung cancer screening study. Does that mean those of us who are/were heavy smokers should be getting screened now?


Anil Vachani, MD, Attending Physician at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, responds:

The news story last week reported on initial findings from the National Lung Screening Trial. This study started in 2002 and was designed to compare annual Chest CT to chest x-ray in improving survival by detecting lung cancer earlier. A total of 53,000 people were included - indviduals in the study had to be between the ages of 55-74 and were current or previous heavy smokers (30 pack year history, pack year=#of packs per day x # of years smoked). The results show that Chest CT decreases deaths from lung cancer in this group by about 20%. This is the first time that a screening trial in lung cancer has shown a significant benefit. Although these results are quite encouraging, additional analyses of the results need to be performed before recommendations can made for the general population- those that have not smoked as much or never smoked. The final results will likely not be available until mid-2011. At this time, insurance companies and Medicare are not yet covering screening Chest CT for lung cancer, which can cost 300-400$. There is always a balance in screening tests between detecting cancer early versus finding things that turn out to not be cancer, but require invasive tests to do so. Read more about screening tests.

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National Lung Screening Trial Results As Expected

May 23, 2013 - The initial results from the National Lung Screening Trial concur with the literature, with more positive screening results, diagnostic procedures, and lung cancers detected with low-dose computed tomography versus chest radiography screening, according to research published in the May 23 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.

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