Ejercicio y cáncer

Ejercicios para la Persona con Cáncer
Exercise can help you deal with the side effects of cancer treatment and help you live a healthier life.
Descripción de los Ejercicios
Guide to strength exercises that can be done during or after cancer treatment to help maintain or regain muscle strength.
Acondicionamiento Aeróbico
Incorporating aerobic exercise during and after cancer treatment can combat fatigue and increase your energy level.
Chemotherapy, Hormonal Therapy & Your Bones: What is the Role of Exercise?
How exercise helps manage menopause symptoms and improves bone health.
Physical Activity and Lymphedema (PAL)
Resources from the PAL trial, which found that that progressive weight-lifting might be better than not exercising an arm at risk for or with lymphedema after breast cancer, and may actually play a role in preventing the condition.
New Guidelines Urge Cancer Patients to Exercise for Better Health
Dr. Katie Schmitz discusses exercise guidelines for cancer survivors, published by the American College of Sports Medicine.