Coping With A Cancer Diagnosis
This article addresses some common concerns people face when first hearing a cancer diagnosis, while going through treatment and into survivorship.
Coping With Your Emotions
When facing a cancer diagnosis and treatment you are likely to experience a roller coaster of emotions; learn ways to manage these feelings.
Anxiety, Worries and Fears
Anxiety, fear and worry in cancer are common. This article addresses symptoms, coping tips, and when to seek professional help.
Living With Metastatic Disease
A diagnosis of metastatic disease brings about many questions and emotions, here we provide tips for coping.
Dealing With a Recurrence or Second Cancer
When the fear of cancer coming back becomes reality, it can bring up many questions and emotions, here we provide tips for coping.
Life After Cancer
After active cancer treatment, you will transition to survivorship, a change that can bring about surprising emotions and concerns.
Talking To Your Children About Your Cancer Diagnosis
Article discusses the importance of talking to your kids about a cancer diagnosis and how to talk to different age children
It is important to understand that feelings of sadness and worry are natural reactions to the experience of cancer and not always true depression.
What To Tell The Kids When Mom Has Cancer
Some practical suggestions on talking to kids about a parent's cancer diagnosis.