Lung Cancer and Diet and Nutrition
What would you recommend for a lung cancer patient, taking chemotherapy as far as diet and nutrition are concerned? Can diet and nutrition contribute to improvement? Katrina Claghorn, MS, RD, ..
Fatigue After Lung Cancer Treatment
Question My father-in-law has received chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment for small cell lung cancer in both lungs and his head. He has been told that the tumor in his lungs ..
Dealing with Fatigue
QuestionI feel so exhausted from my treatments. What can I do to give myself more pep? Some say I should exercise, but won't I get short of breath, since after ..
Exercise after mastectomy
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," I am looking for the latest information regarding exercise for a very recent postop mastectomy. Or is it doctor related preference as how much exercise ..
Fatigue after Ovarian Cancer Treatment
My mother has stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. She can no longer eat and has a feeding tube. Since coming home she seems very tired, frustrated, and does not wish to ..
Questions about Chemotherapy-related Fatigue
Can chemotherapy-related fatigue last 5 months after treatment has ended? I recently returned to work as a teacher and felt dizzy and off balance. Can the fatigue reoccur slightly after ..
Chronic fatigue after bone marrow transplant
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," I work with bone marrow transplant patients who often complain about chronic fatigue even years after their transplant. Is there any research or articles written ..
Fatigue During Radiation
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," My husband got radiation treatment 10 years ago. He sailed through it and worked full time. I am getting radiation for breast cancer now and ..
Fatigue Continues After Treatment
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," Can chemotherapy-related fatigue last 5 months after treatment has ended? I recently returned to work as a teacher and felt dizzy and off balance. Can ..
Nutrition and Chemotherapy after Gastric Bypass Surgery
Question I had gastric bypass surgery about 5 years ago. Now I am about to start treatment for colon cancer with chemo. I am really worried about how to manage ..
Nutritional Supplements Drinks after Radiation
Question My husband has trouble with thick secretions after radiation, but also we are trying to maintain his weight. People had suggested Boost, but I am worried that" a milk-like ..
Importance of Low Iodine-Diet
Question If you mess up your low-iodine diet will the treatments be less effective? I am so stressed out about this diet! Answer Marcia Brose, MD, Director of Thyroid Cancer ..
Diet After Thyroid Surgery
Question What kind of diet do I need to follow if I had surgery for thyroid cancer or have a recurrence of thyroid cancer? Answer Rachel Kelz, MD, MSCE, at ..
Raw Diet for Pets with Cancer
Question I've read that a diet free of grains may slow the cancer, is this accurate? what are the panel's thoughts on the Budwig diet or flax oil/cottage cheese combination? ..
Diet Needs for Dog Being Treated for Cancer
Question My dog is starting on chemo for lymphoma. Do you have suggestions for a diet that might help manage any side effects or keep him from losing weight? Erika ..
Exercise after a tram flap
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," I'm interested in knowing how tram flap breast cancer survivors handle exercise and muscle toning. I am a 5-year survivor with a tram flap and ..
Abdominal Exercise after Mastectomy
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," I was diagnosed with breast cancer about 4.5 years ago, and had a mastectomy and TRAM flap reconstruction. Since that time, I have had to ..
Exercise After Breast Cancer
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," Although my wife and I have been told that squash and tennis (which my wife played before her mastectomy) is not recommended, I am curious ..
Swimming and Exercise While on Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer?
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," I am about to start radiation therapy for breast cancer. Can I swim during this time? I have heard conflicting reports about exercise during therapy. ..
Exercise for pelvic radiation fibrosis
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," One of the physiotherapists in our Agency has been asked to develop an exercise program for a lady who has radiation fibrosis in her abdominal ..
Exercise during radiation Therapy
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," I am currently having radiotherapy for invasive breast cancer. I had surgery 12 weeks ago and the tumor was removed within a 1 mm margin ..
Exercise During Chemotherapy
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," I saw a story on the news about something called heat shock protein. They said that stress (including strenuous exercise) the day before chemotherapy could ..
Exercise Precautions During Cancer Treatment
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," I had stage 3 breast cancer, surgery and am now getting chemo. Surgeon has cleared me to resume working out- I always went to the ..
Is It OK To Exercise On Day Of Treatment?
Is it ok to exercise on days when I get chemo or radiation? Kathryn Schmitz, PhD, Penn Medicine researcher who specializes in the role of physical activity in lymphedema development ..
What Type of Exercise During Cancer Therapy?
What kind of exercise is good to do while undergoing chemo and/or radiation? Kathryn Schmitz, PhD, Penn Medicine researcher who specializes in the role of physical activity in lymphedema development ..
Nutrition, Exercise Guidelines Updated for Cancer Survivors

Apr 27, 2012 - The American Cancer Society has updated the 2006 guidelines to provide new evidence and clinical practices related to nutrition and physical activity for cancer survivors during the continuum of cancer care, according to a report published online April 26 in CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians.

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