¿Cuáles son los efectos secundarios de la radioterapia?
An introduction to the most common side effects experienced during radiation therapy.
Reacciones de la piel de la radiación
Information on caring for your skin during radiation therapy.
Esophagitis is a painful inflammation of the esophagus caused by cancer treatment.
Boca Seca (Xerostomía)
This hand-out answers questions about and offers tips for coping with dry mouth (xerostomia) resulting from radiation treatment.

Perdida de pelo/alopecia

This side effect handout answers questions about and offers tips for coping with hair loss caused by radiation therapy.

Cambios en el gusto o el sabor durante la terapia del cáncer

This hand-out provides tips for managing taste changes associated with cancer and treatment.
Dilatadores vaginales para la radioterapia
Instructions and tips for using dilators after pelvic radiation therapy.
Consejos para lidiar con la incontinencia urinaria (para mujeres)
An introduction to urinary incontinence, tips to cope with UI and exercises to strengthen the muscles that control urinary flow.

Compared with external radiotherapy, it results in fewer side effects, better quality of life

Mar 8, 2010 - In patients with high-intermediate-risk endometrial cancer, vaginal brachytherapy is just as effective as pelvic external beam radiotherapy for prevention of vaginal recurrence, has fewer toxic effects and leads to improved quality of life, according to a study in the March 6 issue of The Lancet.

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