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These Days

Anne Silver
From: Bare Root: a poet's journey with breast cancer. Terrapin Press, 2002
Ultima Vez Modificado: 6 de mayo del 2003

When I say I'm scared
my friends scoff.
The word they say is

I say I'm pissed.
Enlightened nostrils flare.
The word is

People cringe at the word
cancer, avoid me
and say on the run,
Darling, you must stop scaring people.

I'm furious with my dentist
for putting mercury in my teeth.
Didn't he know it'd leech into my brain?
I'm told to

Lonely, I cry at night.
I'm told to make peace with

If I took an Uzi to the mall,
shot a round or two,
they'd rightly call me:

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