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It's a Celebration

Heidi Lynn Brown
Ultima Vez Modificado: 1 de noviembre del 2001

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It's a celebration!
"Heather Feels Good Day!"
I hold my breath
for the phone to ring
Hello? Hello?
Hello, guess what...
it's Heather Feels Good Day!

It's not when Heather's just okay,
she feels fine, she went shopping.
It's Heather Feels Good Day!
It's special, a celebration.
So I tell all my friends
I even write letters
to tell them it's now,
it's Heather Feels Good Day..
she must be feeling better day.

On Heather Feels Good Day,
her legs don't hurt,
her back isn't sore,
her arms are not swollen.

On Heather Feels Good Day,
her hair shines like corn silk
And her smile, like the Christmas Star!

On Heather Feels Good Day
her blood levels aren't high
and her medicines are working.

And her doctors catch her jumping
on waiting room couches.

And one day...
on a Heather Feels Good Day...
Heather called,
to tell me...
she cured!!!

then it's not just a celebration...

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