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Linda Nesvisky

Ultima Vez Modificado: 1 de noviembre del 2001

Linda Nesvisky - Translucent/Jerusalem Studio
Linda Nesvisky
Melrose Park, Pennsylvania

Translucent/Jerusalem Studio
Intaglio-type print
9 x 12 inches
Catalog No. 29A

Linda Nesvisky - Six Bottles

Six Bottles
Intaglio-type print
9 x 12 inches
Catalog No. 29B

It has been five years since my surgery, radiation therapy and -- I hope -- cure. In that time, I have made dramatic strides in my artwork.

Translucent/Jerusalem Studio and Six Bottles are from my "post-cancer" artwork. These compositions of bottles and jars; with their intriguing shapes, show how light transfuses the glass, creating a "presence" in these vessels.

Art helped me get through the trauma of having cancer. My art always demanded concentration and dedication, leading me out of myself and into a realm of inspiration and creativity. I didn't realize how my art helped me transcend anxiety and despair. It energized and excited me in a period that mitigated against emotions.

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