Treatment planning

  • Import CT images. Time = 10 min.
  • Locate the initial isocenter using radiopaque lead fiducials. Time = 2 min.
  • Import target and critical structure volumes. Time = 5 min.
  • Enter planning goals for target and critical structures. For our first IMRT boost, CTV1 target goal = 30 Gy, 5% of the target volume may get less than 30 Gy, but the minimum target dose = 28 Gy, and the maximum = 33 Gy. The spinal cord goal = 2 Gy, 20% of the spinal cord may get more than 2 Gy, but the maximum cord dose = 5 Gy. Below 1 Gy, we are not concerned with the volume of cord irradiated. Time to enter planning goals = 10 min.


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