Learning How to Give Physical Care


The Giving Physical Care videotape was created for family members who want to learn how to safely perform care giving activities that help their loved ones. Giving Physical Care is a collection of short demonstrations that show you how to care for your loved one in the home setting. You can view the whole videotape to become familiar with care giving activities that are included (e.g., helping the patient out of bed, moving the patient to a comfortable position, giving a bed bath, etc.). Then you can rewind the tape to a particular demonstration and watch it as many times as you need to feel comfortable that you can perform the care giving activity.

Watch the video segments and listen to the tips about each care giving activity. You will learn how to prevent injury to both yourself and the person you are making comfortable. Care giving activities can become special times when you can communicate with your loved one in a helpful way.

There are seven short video segments; in order to view them, you will need the RealPlayer. Click on a segment -- if RealPlayer does not automatically open, you may need to download the software.

Introduction (82 seconds)

Talking With Your Physician, Part I (80 seconds)

Talking With Your Physician, Part II (82 seconds)

Role Changes, Part I (2 minutes, 13 seconds)

Role Changes, Part II (2 minutes, 12 seconds)

Depression (4 minutes, 35 seconds)

Anger (1 minute, 52 seconds)

Questions to ask yourself after viewing each scenario:

  • Think about what you just saw in the video.

  • Does this situation sound like something you have experienced?

  • What are the main issues for the people in this situation?

  • What kinds of suggestions could you make to them?

  • How might those suggestions help YOU in your situation?


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by Karen Arnold-Korzeniowski, BSN, RN
March 16, 2016