The Lymphoma Series: Images From the Hospital

The following paintings are what I call The Lymphoma Series, which I painted during my illness, treatment, and recovery from the cancer, lymphoma.

Pieta/Start of the Climb
After surgery and diagnosis, this is the image I saw of my doctors rescuing me from a sewer of lymphoma.
Oil on canvas. June 1991. 24" X 18"

Seals I
This is the image I had while in intensive care on oxygen. The chest tube in me added to the effect, as it made bubbling sounds like those heard underwater.
Oil on canvas. June 1991. 28" X 16"

Seals II
I painted this image twice, as it was such a positive and uplifting one. A reminder that life is a gift.
Oil on canvas. June 1991. 28" X 16"

The Illusion in the X-Ray Room
I was in my wheelchair waiting to return to my room when I thought I saw death pass me, but it was only the resident rabbi walking by.
Oil on canvas. September 1991. 16" X 22"

The Hospital Nightmare
Everyone has one. This was Dr. Loblolly chasing me down a dark hallway on a wooden platform, his long arms frozen at this sides are a manic grin on his face.
Oil on canvas. July 1991. 16" X 24"

In the Garden
Late one night in the hospital I saw myself in a gray and misty garden, alone among the statues, feeling emptiness and solitude.
Oil on canvas. June 1991. 24" X 18"

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