Author's Forward

The following article contains excerpts and examples of paintings from Darcy Lynn's book and a series of paintings she created that reflect her experience with the diagnosis and treatment of lymphoma. Ms Lynn feels that "by sharing [her] paintings with others [she] is able to communicate the impact of holding on to one's sense of self in times of crisis and that life is a gift that we should enjoy and value."

This is the story of my experience with lymphoma -- the adventures and thoughts I had during my illness, treatments, and recovery.

I fought my illness with the best weapon I had, my art. I've been painting almost all my life, after starting to draw at the age of two. I was born into art; my mother is an artist and so was her father. I don't believe l've ever wished to be anything other than an artist.

I painted to give definition and meaning to my illness. It was a way for me to translate all that I did not understand, and more importantly. it was a way for me to gain control over my illness. No one could tell me what or how to paint; it was up to me to express on the canvas how I felt.


A Hand to Hold
by Karen Arnold-Korzeniowski, BSN, RN
November 16, 2015